Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidaze Party

This month we had our second annual Knitty is Knotty holiday party. Spring once again graciously allowed us to use her home. We had quite a few more people this year and had a blast! We brought lots of food and drink, did a handmade gift exchange and played Apples to Apples.

The Handmade Gift Exchange
Maiya won Spring's handmade soap, face scrubs and washcloth.
Spring won Morgan's rat bag.
Morgan won Candice's golden penis award.
Candice won Janielle's hand knit doll.
Janielle won Lillian's homebrewed beer.
Lillian won Mary's knitted scarf and hat.
Mary won Vicki's beaded bracelet.
Vicki won Christina's wine glass and holder.
Christina originally won Maiya's knitted gloves, but they were stolen. She got some earrings from Sandra but traded them to Kelsey for Dawn's knitting fund/piggy bank.
Dawn won Kelsey's Ninkasi Sleigher beer and beer cozy.
Kelsey won Sandra's earrings.
Sandra won Maiya's knitted gloves.


If you want to join us, we still meet every other Wednesday at The Divine Cupcake. You can find us on facebook to keep up to date and check out our flickr page.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little Help from our Friends

We're planning our next big yarn bombing and we need help! We need lots and lots of yarn. We're hoping that people are willing to donate yarn to us and/or donate some money so we can purchase yarn. We're looking for cheap, acrylic yarn but we'll take anything. Remember, this yarn will be displayed outside in the Oregon winter weather. So please, if you can contact us about donating yarn or click the button to your right to make a donation into our paypal. Thanks everyone! You can contact us at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Yarn Bomb

This yarn bomb was our first requested piece. Marc Time asked if we would be able to contribute something for the first Springfield First Art Walk. We had eight days- it was going to take place on October 1st. We picked a tree that was on the Art Walk route- and was also in front of the Springfield Farmers Market. A Halloween themed bomb made sense since it was now October.

Maiya provided the lace trunk cozy, spider web with spider, candy corn and a pumpkin. Spring provided a BOO tree branch cozy. Christina provided a Burton-esque snake. Kelsey make another BOO tree branch cozy, a pumpkin and a ghost. Mary made a bunch of ghosts! Candice provided the bats. And Dawn made eyeballs!

We heard that the tree was very well received by the public and we look forward to continuing this act of knitted graffiti.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eugene Celebration Yarn Bomb

Knitting is Knotty's one year anniversary landed on the end of August. The Eugene Celebration was the same weekend. We were also due for another yarn bombing. Coincidence or the stars lining up in our favor?
We had decided that as a celebration, we would change venues for the night. Instead of our usual haunt, The Divine Cupcake, we would meet at Eugene City Brewery. Known for their Rogue beer and good food we also knew it was big enough to house us all and had good enough light to knit.

We also decided to do another yarn bombing. Our last bombing took place on April Fools Day. We knitted little things here and there along Willamette Street. We had a blast, but most of our tags were gone the very next day. We were pissed!! The ones that did last longer than a few hours barely made it a week. Was it people who wanted them and removed them? Was it the city? We're not sure. Regardless, we knew we wanted to do it again.

When we talked about another bombing, we decided to make a larger, more visual striking installation. Maybe the reason the last tags got taken so quickly is because they looked like random pieces of knit. If we created a more uniform bomb, would it look more like art? We all decided to knit the meters cozies along 8th street. It was so much fun! We had 9 people participating and 13 cozies. All as unique as the person who created it.

We also made a cozy for the Eugene Saturday Market's office door handle. We had tagged their door during the last bombing and they loved it. It was also incidentally the knitted piece that stayed the longest. So this time, to make it special, we all made a flower and attached a corsage or bouquet to their door. I hear they are thrilled about their new one and their neighbors are green with envy.

We installed them Thursday night, and as of today, Sunday they're still there! All of them! We've seen people take pictures of them, we've heard people talk about them. Success!! I definitely think we're on to something here and I think we're all ready to start planning the next bomb. You can see all of our meter cozies on our flickr page.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Divine Company

... Divine Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Cup by The Divine Cupcake

Okay, okay so it's been 6 months since I've last posted. Excuses? None. Plenty of things have happened since then.

First? We've moved from Allen Brothers to The Divine Cupcake. They opened their shop in March and they now reserve all Wednesday nights as knitting and crafty night!
How cool is that? We, Knotty Knitters only attend every other Wednesday but it's great that there's another place in Eugene to go and be inspired to create art. Plus, their cupcakes are amaaaaaaazing. It's hard to think of anything better than yarn, friends and cupcakes.

Also, babies are being born left and right!! Apparently, Knitting is Knotty is pretty darn fertile. Shelsea had her second boy in March, Melinda just had her second girl a week ago. Kelsey is due next month and Morgan is expecting in August. Maybe it has to do with the fact that The Divine Cupcake is co-owned by Emily Downing-Moore, a midwife. Okay, what's better than yarn, friends, cupcakes and babies??

Last April, I, Mary and Spring participated in an event we call Yarn Bombing. We created knitted pieces specifically for public art. It was so much fun. You can view the photos on our flickr page. We have another bombing being planned, so stay tuned for that.

Again, you can find all sort of craftiness every Wednesday evening at The Divine Cupcake. Our next meeting will land on June 30th. Come!