Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidaze Party

This month we had our second annual Knitty is Knotty holiday party. Spring once again graciously allowed us to use her home. We had quite a few more people this year and had a blast! We brought lots of food and drink, did a handmade gift exchange and played Apples to Apples.

The Handmade Gift Exchange
Maiya won Spring's handmade soap, face scrubs and washcloth.
Spring won Morgan's rat bag.
Morgan won Candice's golden penis award.
Candice won Janielle's hand knit doll.
Janielle won Lillian's homebrewed beer.
Lillian won Mary's knitted scarf and hat.
Mary won Vicki's beaded bracelet.
Vicki won Christina's wine glass and holder.
Christina originally won Maiya's knitted gloves, but they were stolen. She got some earrings from Sandra but traded them to Kelsey for Dawn's knitting fund/piggy bank.
Dawn won Kelsey's Ninkasi Sleigher beer and beer cozy.
Kelsey won Sandra's earrings.
Sandra won Maiya's knitted gloves.


If you want to join us, we still meet every other Wednesday at The Divine Cupcake. You can find us on facebook to keep up to date and check out our flickr page.