Thursday, October 22, 2009

We scared him away with talk of circumcision.

Yup! Last night instead of our usual coffee, we haunted McMenamins. Beer + yarn + friends = AWESOME! We once again talked about a lot of things, one of which was circumcision. Our waiter could not be found so we thought maybe our dinner conversation scared him away. We love McMenamins- their hummus, artichoke dip, french fries and of course their beer. But it took fooooreeeever to get seated largely to the fact that they gave a couple a table that would have fit 6 people, while us 5 had to wait for a 2 person table to clear out. Regardless, I think we all had a blast.

Spring was crocheting away- she's turning out some amazing work.
Unfortunately, we didn't end up getting a picture of her last night.

Candice took out a pad and started painting a watercolor of Maiya. Maiya was knitting an entrelac sock using Noro yarn.Kelsey was working on a cute pink and white scarf.Sandra was knitting away on her lovely green purse.
I thought this week I'd talk about celebrities and knitting. Rivers Cuomo- the frontman for Weezer has mentioned he knits on his Twitter page. He posted a picture of himself knitting! Seriously, what's hotter than a man knitting?

And there's been recent attention on Kristen Stewart knitting- who portrays Bella Swan in the Twilight saga. I've included a picture of her holding a felted skull knitting bag with large knitting needles sticking out of them. I found the pattern so you can make the bag for yourself!

Obviously from our posts, you can tell knitting is no longer an old lady's game. It's nice to see other young people knitting- especially celebrities. Because if I can't convince you, then maybe they can. Knitting is cool.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Knitting Circle. Holy Shit!

That's the response we got last night at our knitting group. A woman walked up to our table, watched us knit for a few seconds then exclaimed, "It's a knitting circle. Holy shit!" Very funny. It pretty much set the tone of the evening. I think we would all have to agree that last nights' meeting was the best. We couldn't stop laughing. What were we laughing at? Pretty much everything. Our kids, other people's kids. Other people's kids names... Chinook, Apple (yes we're talking about you Gwyneth)... As we were rounding up our things to leave an older gentleman came over and insisted he must learn how to knit as it looked like we were having a lot of fun. We also agreed that the next Knitting is Knotty, we're going to meet at McMenamins. So the next blog should be fun too. Instead of drinking coffee, we'll be drinking awesome beer and wine. But then that means, we'll spend the next day frogging our work.

Christina is forging ahead nicely with her cable work. The yarn is GORGEOUS and is striping beautifully in the cabling pattern. Unfortunately, Christina's work schedule changes and she will no longer be able to attend Knitting is Knotty. We're going to try to work out an alternative schedule so she can come some more.Kelsey is also working on cables. She's knitting Bella's Mittens. She just learned how to work double pointed needles and is totally rocking it. The pattern calls for the mittens to be worked in magic loop method. Maiya showed everyone how to do magic loop. Soooo easy! Here's a link to a video that shows you how.Sandra is still knitting on her amazing purse. We just fawn over the yarn color whenever we see it. She accidentally purled a row instead of knitting it, but it works out great, because she's just going to use that row as the bottom edge and fold up the knitting from there.Spring didn't bring her crochet work with her, but did bring some crochet books for us to look through. We love looking at patterns, but it's always frustrating when you see something you'd like to make and then notice it takes 13 skeins of yarn. 13 skeins of $9 yarn.... you do the math.Maiya is still working on the same scarf as last meeting. She hadn't had the time to knit on it since the last meeting. It's a nice project to bring to Knitting is Knotty since it's a mindless knit of stockinette stitch in the round. She doesn't have to concentrate on following a pattern and is left to talk and laugh freely.
Candice wasn't able to attend this week, she just started back at school again and is so tired! We missed you Candice! Last week, we mentioned that Candice and Maiya were collaborating on a project. They made Dia de los Muertos fascinators and pins. Candice made the sugar skulls and Maiya made the flowers. On the back, they have a hair clip and a pin so you can attach it to your updo or your sweater, purse... whatever. So far you can find them at Nobody's Baby in Eugene and on Etsy.