Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Third Meeting, Our First Blog

Hi! A bunch of us friends decided to have a knitting and crochet group. We meet every other Wednesday at Allen Brothers coffee house in Eugene, Oregon. This was our third meeting tonight, and Candice had the great idea of making a blog. Soooo.... here we are! Maiya, Christina and Kelsey have made it to all three meetings and we had some new friends show up tonight. Candice, Spring, Melinda and Tressa came. Candice and Spring were crocheting. They both have had knitting lessons in the past and want to relearn how to knit. Melinda is just learning how to knit, while Tressa has been knitting for some time. Tressa is working on a sweater- her first one. So she was figuring out sleeve increases and decreases at the meeting. Kelsey was also working on a baby sweater out of some fantastic black and red sock yarn. Christina just learned how to knit at the first meeting and made a purse! She finished knitting it earlier this week and brought it with her tonight and learned how to sew up the sides and weave in the ends. Maiya is the most experienced knitter there, teaching the newbies and offering help. She was knitting some baby pants for a Halloween costume.

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  1. Yeah! There we are! (And hey, I look pretty good with my little-bitty tunisian crochet piece amongst all you knitters!)