Thursday, October 22, 2009

We scared him away with talk of circumcision.

Yup! Last night instead of our usual coffee, we haunted McMenamins. Beer + yarn + friends = AWESOME! We once again talked about a lot of things, one of which was circumcision. Our waiter could not be found so we thought maybe our dinner conversation scared him away. We love McMenamins- their hummus, artichoke dip, french fries and of course their beer. But it took fooooreeeever to get seated largely to the fact that they gave a couple a table that would have fit 6 people, while us 5 had to wait for a 2 person table to clear out. Regardless, I think we all had a blast.

Spring was crocheting away- she's turning out some amazing work.
Unfortunately, we didn't end up getting a picture of her last night.

Candice took out a pad and started painting a watercolor of Maiya. Maiya was knitting an entrelac sock using Noro yarn.Kelsey was working on a cute pink and white scarf.Sandra was knitting away on her lovely green purse.
I thought this week I'd talk about celebrities and knitting. Rivers Cuomo- the frontman for Weezer has mentioned he knits on his Twitter page. He posted a picture of himself knitting! Seriously, what's hotter than a man knitting?

And there's been recent attention on Kristen Stewart knitting- who portrays Bella Swan in the Twilight saga. I've included a picture of her holding a felted skull knitting bag with large knitting needles sticking out of them. I found the pattern so you can make the bag for yourself!

Obviously from our posts, you can tell knitting is no longer an old lady's game. It's nice to see other young people knitting- especially celebrities. Because if I can't convince you, then maybe they can. Knitting is cool.

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