Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Next Yarn Bomb!

The Eugene Knotty Knitters are encouraging and welcoming anyone to participate in our next yarn bomb. Scheduled for Saturday, June 11 2011. We would also like to do a potluck picnic afterwards if enough people are interested. We haven't nailed down a specific time on Saturday that the installment and picnic will occur. Keep checking back!

We are planning on knitting some decorations for the Peter DeFazio pedestrian bridge in Alton Baker Park. Some Knotty Knitters have also shown an interest in knitting some flags in honor of Flag Day and securing them to the bridge.

Are there any guidelines? Not really! We don't have a theme so as to encourage whatever type of knitted or crocheted art you want to make. Keep in mind that the bridge gets hundreds of visitors a day including lots of families and children. Also note that while most of the knitted art is left for others to enjoy, someone may love your piece a little too much and remove it. So don't get too attached to it. And lastly, please make your yarn bomb easy to remove. Whether it needs to be removed by the city or by yourself. It is up to the the individual to remove their yarn bomb as deemed fit (is it falling apart, are pieces missing, are you wanting to take it home?)

I have taken photos and measurements of the bridge for you all to use as a guide (in our experience knitting cozies with a negative ease works best! That way it stretches and is snug on whatever you're covering.) Feel free to head down there yourself and look around. There are lots of places that need cozies. Poles, rails, benches, light posts... There are also some trees and garden area that would look great with some knitted plants and wildlife. We're trying to keep all yarn bombing up around the bridge so as not to interfere with the ducks and geese down by the pond and river.

Here's some links to get you going:

If you have any questions or would like to do the potluck, please let us know at knittyknotty@yahoo.com

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  1. cool! that eight piece sculpture at alton baker park by hugh townley called, "eugene group" could probably use some cozies as well. if you ever take measurements of it, please post it...i love that sculpture!