Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eugene Celebration 2011

This time of year is The Knotty Knitters anniversary.  Last year we celebrated being one by yarn bombing parking meters just outside the Eugene Celebration.  This year we decided to march in the parade!  

 We gathered a bunch of donated sweaters to create what we call The Scarf of Doom or Octoscarf.  

And we used the leftovers sweater scraps to make our banner!

We also yarn bombed the parade goers while marching.

We had so much fun.

We also won an award!  Runner up for Judge's Choice!  We're so honored and thrilled to be supported by Eugene.  View more photos on our flickr.  See more on our facebook page.  Are you a knitter on Ravelry?  Follow our projects there.  Got photos to share?  Send them to

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