Thursday, November 5, 2009

Confessions of a Yarnaholic

Last night's Knitting is Knotty went back to the coffee house. A lot of us didn't get very much knitting done while drinking beer at the last meeting. What did we talk about this time? Pretty much everything. Children, family, Twilight, health, schools, art, money....

Candice brought roving, foam and felting needles and showed us how to needle felt. It's so easy and so much fun!! Here she is crocheting a cord.Maiya was knitting socks, but took a break to try needle felting. Candice said a great place to get supplies for felting is at ETC, here in Eugene. By the way, Maiya ordered a Chai Nog. It's chai tea mixed with egg nog. Very recommended!!Spring was working on several crocheting techniques. She crocheted a flower using a lot of chain stitches.
Kelsey is knitting with a HUGE ball of yarn! This yarn was upcycled from a sweater. She took a used sweater apart, then unraveled the yarn and wound it into a ball so she can knit what she wants. This is a great way to get good wool for very little money. Check your local thrift stores.
Sandra was super tired last night but she made it anyways! We're very glad she did as we love her company.
And lastly, Mary came for the first time. She has been knitting on and off for the last several years. She was frogging a baby blanket to reuse the yarn. Here baby is now 3 years old. (Hey, we all have those UFOs- UnFinished Objects.) She learned how to use circular needles to magic loop so she can knit herself a pair of Alice Mitts.
Next meeting, we're going to have at Maiya's house. Maiya is going to show everyone how to dye yarn with Kool Aid!

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